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Pastor Craig Lyons M.Div.


Of all the Old Testament scriptures translated and quoted (or purposely mistranslated or misquoted) by Christian evangelicals in hopes of finding validation to most of their Gentile Christian doctrines, Daniel 9:17-27 and Isaiah 53 are perhaps the two most popular. In both cases, Christianity relies on a claim that the only reasonable interpretation of those scriptures is theirs.

The weeks of Daniel (Dan 9:24-27) are perhaps the most contested verses of the Bible as to interpretation.


On and so forth the arguments go. And not only are the texts controverted between Christian and Rabbinic Jew, but the application of the Christion translations are so controverted between various camps of Christian eschatology that little unity can be found among them.

Answer for yourself: But is that really true? Have you ever invested thirty minutes in reading a Hebrew/English Bible and compared it to the Greek Septuagint (Greek/English Bible) or even the English of your KJV in order to see if your Christian Old Testament reads like the Hebrew texts that Jesus used?

Well you would be in for the shock of your life if you did! Our Christian Bibles and translations of the Hebrew of Daniel are changed from what the original Hebrew said and this was done by Christians redactors of these Hebrew texts very long ago to make Daniel's prophecy appear if fulfilled by Jesus. Well don't believe me; you need to see the evidence of this forgery of the Hebrew Bible by Gentile Christianity for yourself and this is what this website will show you.

Over the last twenty years as a Seminary student and Pastor I have done many such comparisons of religous texts in our Christian Bibles with the Hebrew, Greek, and English and let me say to you that what I found upon years of intensive and unbiased study is the reason for the multiple websites provided by Bet Emet Ministries because I realized quite quickly that I had not been taught the truth about the Hebrew Scriptures since my childhood and sadly was rendered an idolator and blasphemer by what I was taught by Gentile Christianity because our Christian forged and manipulated religious documents are taught and accepted without question or critical examination. It might be too late for me and you to remove the stain of such hideous sins as idolatry and blasphemy which we inherited from Western Gentile Christian dogmas and doctrines from these forged religious documents but hopefully as you see these truths for yourself you can prevent the same "unforgiveable" sin infecting your children. Therefore, the need for a voice crying in the wilderness of Christian neo-pagan idolatry; the need for ministries like Bet Emet and others which reveal the alteration of the Hebrew Scriptures that Jesus read and the falsification of the Greek and English translations of them which Gentile Christianity espouses today as "inspired, infallible, and inerrant."

Meanwhile, if you have read our research into Isaiah 53 and the forgery of the Hebrew Scriptures when translated into the Greek and later the English in these verses as well, then you have already seen how Isaiah 53 easily refers to the suffering servant nation, Israel, and that nowhere in the original Hebrew before it was altered can any verses truly be said to refer to Jesus of Nazareth alone. Now it is time to see the original meaning of Daniel's verses. Are you ready?


Christians claim that the Messiah had to have come before the destruction of the Second Temple, that this Messiah could only be Jesus of Nazareth, and that all this is prophecied in the ninth chapter of the Book of Daniel. A cursory reading of the Christian's King James translation of the prophecy apart from its context makes this argument very compelling. But such clever manipulation of the text does not go unnoticed by those who know what the Hebrew peviously said which the Christian Bibles fail to reveal.

However, upon close personal examination of these Hebrew texts as opposed to the Greek and the English misquotations of them, as I am prepared to show you, then the interested student of Scripture can see for himself that Daniel 9 is a prophecy that deals mainly with the Babylonian exile and the time of the Second Temple, up to and including its destruction in 70 C.E. (A.D.). Any allusion to the Messianic Age is peripheral and nowhere do we find any reference to the person or the end days Messiah as taught by Gentile Christianity today. Therefore, Daniel 9 cannot be used honestly to demonstrate a last days Messianic prophecy fulfilled by Jesus.

In order for the Christian interpretation of the prophecy to bear witness to the coming and death of Jesus of Nazareth, the dating of the events of the prophecy must coincide with the generally accepted date of the crucifixion of Jesus as understood by Gentile Christainity as appearing according to their exegesis in Dan. 9:26. No one knows exactly when this crucifixion took place; however, scholarly consensus places this event somewhere around the years 29-32 CE, and certainly no later than 33 CE. As you can see in order for Daniel to refer to Jesus then the dating and counting of the Seventy Weeks must stretch to the time period of Jesus and his crucifixion. We will see how this is cleverly done by historical Christian exegesis and manipulation of the Hebrew texts shortly.

As you read the forthcoming articles in our series on Daniel you will see that this Christian interpretation of Daniel 9 completely fails when the punctuation of Daniel 9:25 is correctly understood which comes from proper undestanding of the Hebrew language found in these Hebrew texts themselves. The sad fact is that 99.9% of Christians today cannot read Hebrew and therefore are totally unaware of the diacritial markings in Hebrew that often "fill-in-the-blanks" when consulted and which, when known, prevent such errors as found by Gentile Christian exegesis and interpretation. Simply said without proper understanding of the Hebrew it is often impossible to come to the truth understanding of the Old Testament prophecies and this error leads to many prophecies made to appear as if they apply to Jesus when in fact they cannot and don't.

Study Into Daniel 9 & The Seventy Weeks From The Hebrew Scriptures As Jesus Knew Them In His Day

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